How to make $80.00 Cool-Aide

This is Brady's own personal recipe for $80.00 Cool-Aide:

  • first you add two packs of Cool-Aid
  • stir in 2 quarts of water
  • 2 1/2 cup of mannateck substatute sugar

So here's the story behind this wonderfull recipe:

So my dear husband was very thirsty and desided tht he wanted some Cool-Aide so he went to my parents house picked out some Cool-Aide and he put one pack into the pitcher and then he put the 2 quarts of water into it then looked around in my moms kitchen and found this container full of sugar substance and tasted it and it tasted sweet so he put one cup of that in then tasted the Cool-Aide then relized that it was still not sweet enough so he put another pack of mix and another cup and a half of "sugar" in it then brought it over to our house and we dranks so... alot I had 1 glass he had 3. Then my grandma came bursting threw our door and we basically found out that Brady had used Mannateck sugar and she was convinced that it was going to kill us or something. But were fine.


Weenie Wacken Day

Poor Aydan baby had his Bris today with Rabbi Ravalski (our midwife calls it the weenie waken day). So we went to the birth inn and they did his bris, we got to watch and mommy almost passed out! They asked daddy if he wanted to cut it and he decided he would rather hold him down. I swear it was like Aydan knew it was coming he started screaming as soon as the Rabbi to his diaper off! If you have ever seen the proses being done it's pretty crazy, the way he did it it looked like he snipped the whole thing off! I was like Oh no I have a girl! But it all turned out fine and baby Aydan did great!


Rod Races

So yesterday we went to the Rod Races (unfortunately our batteries were low in our camera). It was Aydan's first hot rod races. He's just like Brady, the sounds of the cars revving there engines and starting up made him go to sleep but the tiny noise of me putting his car seat handle down that small clicking noise made him jerk awake and then he fell back to sleep to the car noises, it like the sound of the cars relaxes them it's CRAZY!